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A quick rundown before we get started--- - dalincarnation
A quick rundown before we get started---
Name/Nickname: Mia HC/Northeast/Rowena/Van Halen/Eastwood.

Likes:  Languages, myth. I'm also mildly obsessed with Satan, but in a scholarly way, not a dance around in your skivvies/sacrifice small animals way.
Dislikes: Grasshoppers/crickets/locusts, binge eating, essay-writing

Strong points: Master Bullshit Artist, extremely loyal friend
Weaker points: Somewhat (cough) of a gossip.  No will-power. Ice princess.

What is something you'd change about yourself?: I'd make myself shorter. About five inches shorter. And lighter, of course, but that comes with the lost height.
Hobbies & Talents: Writing, gaming, running/walking, complaining, maintaining my font of useless, but interesting knowledge.

Favorite colors: Yellow, gray
Favorite foods: Sweets, fruits
Mature or Immature?: Eh. Mature for my age, I suppose, but I could just be slightly more reserved/cynical than your average teen.
Leader or Follower?: I wouldn't say that I'm a follower; many of my ideas chafe the majority. However, leading the pack isn't exactly my forte.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Pessimistic when it comes to myself, optimistic towards everyone else
Day or Night Person? I'm never tired, both have their charms
Social or more aloof? Social, I suppose.

Favorite quote & why?: You are the god of my idolatry. Because it rocks and I love to say it >_>
What is the last book you've read?: The Will of the Empress

What are your goals and ambitions: Write a book. Graduate from college, with a degree in Nutrition. Pass mtf'ing Orgo.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: Oh god, don't make me look that far into the future. Probably helping people with binge eating disorder. I hope.

What are your closest friends like?: Normal to the point of botheration, but usually there when I need them. Actually, that sounds bitchy, they're great people.
How do your friends decribe you?: Tall. That's the only adjective they've ever used to describe me, actually -___-'
When you’re in a group, what's your part in the group dynamic?: The one keeping all conversations going/foaming at the mouth as further gossip/calumny surfaces.
What was the stupidest thing you and your friends have ever done?: Stay up until four AM laughing at the New Testament. It is now 4:45 AM and I am still awake. asdfjkl;

What are your feelings towards each of the four houses?: Hufflepuff amuses me. It's like those race forms that you have to fill out before standardized testing (ie, caucasian, latino/a, african-american, pacific islander, other), with Hufflepuff being the 'other'. They're all the rejects from the other houses, the ones that don't really fit in, the house most likely to fall into a miasmic state of emoness. And yet they're happy and hold the entire school together? What a delightful contradiction!
Describe the house qualities that you feel accurately reflect you. Please try to include traits from each of the four houses.: I suppose I'd be in Ravenclaw, if only because I value learning above everything else. NOT because I find myself intelligent, thank you very much.
Given the choice, which house would you NOT want to be in?: Hufflepuff , because the irony would kill me.

Anything else?: I love everyone, like Jesus, but without the whole messiah part. Or the penis part.
How did you find this community?: Hypnotic link-clickage. It isn't called the world wide web for nothing!
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From: pixiealone Date: May 20th, 2007 08:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hey... just friended you since our stats are so similar. One of my nicknames used to be Rowena too :) And 5'8" is a perfectly respectable height, we need to take pride in being tall! I wish I was shorter too...
I'm Zoe, btw.
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