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Alright, so today I had my first appointment at the eating disorder… - dalincarnation

Alright, so today I had my first appointment at the eating disorder clinic, rub-together, binge-induced thigh growth and all.

It was actually kind of -- strike that, it was entirely a let down. I don't think that either the Nutritionist or Councilor that I saw was trained in actually dealing with EDs, or, actually, had any training in anything. The most I got out of my Nutritionist was a blank spreadsheet onto which I could write the foods I ate, no specifics as to what I could possibly eat at all, which is a problem, since I'm extremely picky. My Councilor seemed only to care that I sort of looked like Michelle Pfeiffer (sp?), and would only talk when we got off the subject of binge eating and onto a chick flick tangent.

I don't feel remotely cured, and from what both of them said about the group meetings, it's more of a competition than anything else -- which will NOT help, me having legs like tree trunks.

Blaah... I should wriiite... Next entry WILL be something cool, I promise. 

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kowaiyoukai From: kowaiyoukai Date: March 7th, 2008 02:05 am (UTC) (Link)
This is going to sound pretty random, I'm sure, but I just noticed you listed on my friends page. Do I know you from RL, or fandom, or what? I mean, it's cool, you seem cool, but I'm just curious.

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