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Girls can be annoying. But only when they're around men. Or boys, in… - dalincarnation
Girls can be annoying.

But only when they're around men. Or boys, in this case, because I doubt these two are anywhere near to reaching their full maturity.

I go to Jamba Juice every day to get a fruit smoothie, an all fruit one, which is only 300 or so calories for 24 ounces. Some other girls get smoothies that large, fine, but only when they are by themselves, not with their boyfriends. It's as if being around the opposite sex automatically instills an eating disorder into every woman in a ten foot radius. They get sixteen ounce smoothies, stare at their salads with little pouts, complaining that there's absolutely no way they could finish so many leafy greens by themselves.

So they share with others, eat a few bites, get the rest to go... And, of course, stuff their face full of anything they want once they get to the privacy of their own homes. It's disgusting, really; social eating is just another way to differentiate between the genders, turning men into healthy, or at least vigorous, eaters, and women into simpering idiots.

Yesterday I was with my friends, and bought some ice cream from Ben & Jerry's while the girls picked at their lunches and the boys fawned over them. (Have I mentioned how sick I am of this god damned endless flirtation?) So I finish it, and announce that it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, and that it wasn't really worth it. One of the boys proceeds to stare at my thighs, raise a brow, and drawl meanly that though it was bad, I did eat the whole thing.

Which pissed me off, since salad chick is five inches shorter than me and weighs the same. But of course, she's never considered fat becase A) she's short, and therefore delicate, right? And B) like most women, she's a day-time ana and night-time food-beast.

I feel like such a fucking hypocrite for trying to diet, myself. Who the hell do I have to impress? It's this kind of girl that give everyone else an ED... I wish everyone would just be themselves, not try to put up a facade for every facet of their daily lives. Food shouldn't control us so much, it's stupid and has no brains, we should control it.
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orngsnapdragon From: orngsnapdragon Date: May 20th, 2007 10:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Now I want a smoothie. And you raise some good points, but it's not just around boys that girls do the whole "Oh! I'm not hungry. I can't eat much!" My family eats well, very meat and potatoes, and whenever I have friends over they always only eat half of their plate, give up the rest, and then half an hour later complain that they're starving. And whenever I notice my friends not eating much, I end up controlling how much I eat. *fumes* Don't you just love peer pressure?

And that boy sounds as if he was looking for a slap.

Excellent post.
segatakai From: segatakai Date: May 20th, 2007 10:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, you're right!

I made a dinner for my family and their friends once, and they only picked at it. Then they raved over the cheesecake that I made, but once again, only took a few bites and asked for paper plates to take the rest home.

And I know they were just raiding the fridge at night for it... I love people sometimes xD
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